ADD-A-TAGs Get Profitable Results!...

For Those Dealers That Add Options, Services, Markup, or Accessories To Their Vehicles.

Even For Those Dealers That Do NOT Add Dealer Markup or Accessories To Their Vehicles!

And Even For Dealers That Use Their ADD-A-TAGs As "No Dicker" Price Stickers!


Most dealers use their ADD-A-TAGs to add the maximum level of acceptability and credibility to their profitable dealer-added charges.  There are, however, a number of dealers that use their ADD-A-TAGs in another ingenious way... they get powerful results with their ADD-A-TAGs by emphasizing key information, such as "no additional markup", or "no hassle", "no dicker" prices, or emphasizing attractive benefits and services that they offer their customers... highlighting these as positive reasons to buy from their dealership instead of another.

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