ADD-A-TAG is America's Choice.  Here's Why...

At ADD-A-TAG, we are very serious about that critical moment when car-shoppers look at the vehicle window sticker! It's a valuable opportunity to influence car-shoppers with powerful and important information that will have a huge impact upon their buying decisions.

At that critical moment, genuine ADD-A-TAG vehicle window stickers give the absolute highest level of clarity, credibility, and acceptability to your important (and profitable) dealer-added information.

And ADD-A-TAGs are built to be the most powerful and built to be the best, at the absolute lowest price...Guaranteed!

That's why thousands upon thousands of professional dealers use them.  And that's why genuine ADD-A-TAGs are America's favorite vehicle window stickers. It's that simple.

ADD-A-TAG is America's Choice.  Here's Why...
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