Maximum allowable coordination with the factory label.
ADD-A-TAG's #1-rated MAXIMUM coordination makes it easier for customers to understand and accept your profitable dealer-added information. One look at the window and you just know the ADD-A-TAG belongs there. (Non-coordinating, universal formats are also available.)
Personalized custom imprinting program.
We can imprint your ADD-A-TAGs as per your instructions, so they will look exactly the way you want them. It's all part of our advanced computerized digital-imprinting technology.
World's most advanced adhesive systems...unmatched power and convenience...Guaranteed!
Genuine SUPER-TAPE heavy-duty tape strips and genuine SUPER-TIGHT-SEALED-EDGE Full-Border Adhesive System provide unmatched power to withstand the most punishing weather and temperatures extremes... all with incredible convenience. When others fall of... ADD-A-TAGs keep on sticking...Guaranteed!
Trademarked disclaimer terminology.
Our enhanced disclaimer terminology helps provide clarity and proper representation, and is also a registered trademark with the U.S. Government.
Big Bold "Total Price".
Customer's eyes lock-in on your total price.
California and Texas-Tags.
Special "California" ADD-A-TAGs and TEXAS-TAGs actually exceed those state's special requirements, so that California and Texas dealers can also benefit from the ADD-A-TAG program with full confidence.
Unmatched Fade-Resistance.
When others fade out... ADD-A-TAGs provide absolute unmatched power to resist fading from the sun's infrared and ultra-violet rays.
Huge selection, super-low prices, and first-class customer service.
No one matches our quality, and no one even comes close to our selection of sizes and styles. We maintain over a million ADD-A-TAGs® in our giant inventory. This gives our customers the world's finest products at the absolute lowest price. And when it comes to customer service, just ask any one of our thousands of satisfied customers in all fifty states coast-to-coast.
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